I have always loved Halloween. When I was in the 5th grade, however, my Mother decided that it was too dangerous to go Trick-or-Treating and that I should help her pass out the candy. Although I was disappointed at first, I did find it fun to try and scare the trick-o-treaters. Each year, I would try to do something scarier. Thirty years later, we come to this.

I found the web very helpful in getting ideas. I figure it is time I gave back. Only in 2006 did I take the time to document what I was doing BEFORE I did it. Sorry for having to rely so much on diagrams for the earlier stuff.

Here is some advice if you are planing a haunted house for the first time. First, give yourself a lot of time. You would be amazed at how much time it can take. Start small and work your way up. My first haunted house was nothing more than a bunch of boxes taped together and the kids loved it! If you do anything, people appreciate it. Secondly, get the right tools. For a long time I was trying to do this with a hammer, nails and a hand saw. Spend $100 and get yourself a Ryobi power drill and a circular saw combo pack. They cut my time in half (or more). Also, a pack of deck screws will do the job 100x better and easier than nails. Its just easier to drill than hammer.

DISCLAIMER! I use and recommend the use of some power tools to make the props and houses. Please be responsible and safe. Also, remember that kids love to run and bang on things so any structure you make has to be secure enough to take a beating. I take no responsibility for any injury anyone takes in the creation or use of these projects.

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