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printed skull

pumpkin totem pole

hookwitches' lantern


Bird feeder Lantern


So, I bought a cheep plastic bird feeder at Home Depot years ago because I thought it had potential as a cool lantern. I stuck it in my attic and left it untouched for many-a-Halloween. In 2018, I wanted to make a scarecrow and decided it was time to make that lantern. The scarecrow was very forgettable, but the lantern turned out great! Unfortunately, I didn't document much until it was finished because I wasn't expecting much from it. So, here is a short tutorial.

Parts: A clear plastic bird feeder that could like like a lantern, a glue gun, some twine, a short piece of rope, some sticks, small piece of foil, black spray paint, a LED Flame Effect Light Bulb?E26 E27 4W 4 Modes (I got mine from Amazon), a "Pendant Hanging Light with Plug in Cord" also at Amazon, preferably with a switch to plug in the LED bulb. I would have been happier to have this battery-operated but it was easy enough to hide the cord.

The first thing I did was cut the base (perch) off my bird feeder. I also cut a hole in the top big enough that I could fit the plug-end of the electric cord through the top. The top of my feeder was easily removed so I could insert the LED bulb into the socket and hang it down into the feeder.


In the bottom half, I broke some sticks into small pieces, dusted them with black spray paint and hot-glued them side the feeder along the walls. I wanted a decent number of sticks in there, but make room for the LED bulb. I put some aluminum foil in the very bottom to bounce some light around and I dusted the inside top of the feeder with black spray paint. Be careful! Do just enough to frost the plastic. You don't want to actually paint it black.

Now, all there was to do was glue the top on, wrap the bottom of the feeder with some rope and wrap the first foot of the top electrical cord with twine. The rest of the cord I hid in my scare crow. Yes, I split the cord at the point to make a handle but don't do that unless you know what you are doing! Don't trust AC power and rope. You will get a real fire!

Results look very realistic



dragon lamp


lamp model


lamp top






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