2005, How to Make a Giant Spider 2


The legs were made from PVC pipe and masking tape. I used Skulpey again for the hook at the end of the legs. I bought several different sizes of PVC pipe so that I could make the back legs larger than the font legs.

leg2 I made legs with two joints so I used three different diameters pipe for each leg. Using a hacksaw, I cut out a 2" wedge from one end of the largest diameter pipe. I then drilled holes through the remaining flap and a couple more through the very end of the smaller pipe. I attached the two pipe ends with a small bolt as shown above. If done properly, the joint with flex freely.


leg3 I then covered the joint with 2" masking tape (Home Depot, painter's area) and repeated the process for the next joint. I finished the leg by attaching a Skulpey hook foot and painting with glossy black and fluorescent orange spray paint. I had to use a couple of coats as the paint crazed on the surface of the PVC pipe. Maybe I should have used a primer coat.


Finished Spider I attached the legs to the inside of the well with a bolt so that the leg could move freely. I then used fishing line at the first joint to hold the legs in an upright position. I will not go into detail, but I actually set the legs up with a flying crank ghost mechanism similar to the one described at softlyspokenmagicspells.com. Now all that is left is to turn the spider into a marionette puppet.


How to Make a Giant, Candy-dispensing Spider Dispense Candy





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