The Dirt Tunnel


The dirt tunnel was surprisingly easy. All you need is a large supply of 3" thick styrofoam blocks. Don't ask me where to get them. I can get them for free out of the dumpster at my work (I was stockpiling them all year). Anytime I have tried to buy styrofoam blocks, I have choked on the price!

So, assuming you can get your hands on them, here is what you do to make some very realistic dirt walls. First, get a power drill and insert a 1.5" bore fitting. Then start drilling.

And drill, and drill. You will make a terrible mess so have a vacuum ready. If you need to make a large panel by gluing blacks together, glue them before you start drilling. That way the seams are less visible. I planned to embed some bones in the walls so I carved out some areas for the bones.

I did not yet glue the bones in but removed them before painting. Next, I hit it with some flat-black spray paint. I did not try to cover everything with a base coat. I just darkened some areas.

Now for the trick. You need some texture spray paint like this. It is a little pricey but you don't need a heavy coat to get the effect.

Spay and, like magic, you have a dirt wall...

Glue in the bones...

And use a thick wooden frame to support the panel, something like you would see in a mine shaft.

Of course, lighting is everything...






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